Peek peep: Hyundai sights first image of new Santa Fe

Santa Fe Teaser

“First image of the new Santa Fe reveals a rugged yet luxurious design for Hyundai’s SUV icon.”

After celebrating 2 decades since its first launch, Hyundai has released one image showcasing its imminent Hyundai new Santa Fe. The brand’s flagship SUV will be gain electrified powertrains in a form of hybrids and plug-in hybrids while it’s built on Hyundai’s all-new third-generation vehicle platform. 

Santa Fe

According to Hyundai, the new Santa Fe will feature a charismatic exterior design as well as interior updates providing premium comfort and sensibility. Looking at the teaser image, the new designed Santa Fe features T shaped daytime running lights and a front grille as part of its new Integrated Architecture. A bold character is given to Hyundai’s flagship SUV by a wide grille with geometric patterns.

Santa Fe Teaser

Among other enhancements, Hyundai will also introduce a new electrified powertrain line-up, including hybrid and plug-in hybrid options for the first time. In addition, the new Santa Fe will be the first Hyundai model in Europe and the first Hyundai SUV globally based on the all-new third-generation Hyundai vehicle platform. The new platform allows for significant improvements in performance, handling and safety, as well as facilitating electrified powertrains.

More details on the new Santa Fe will be released in the coming weeks.

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