Bespoke Ndebele patterned Rolls-Royce

The Mahlangu Phantom

“Celebrated South African artist Gogo Dr. Esther Mahlangu, has etched The Mahlangu Phantom with unique Ndebele patterns.”

Renowned South African Ndebele artist, Gogo Esther Mahlangu was recently commissioned by Rolls-Royce to create unique artwork for the Phantom’s Gallery which will be a one-of-one.  Hailing from the Ndebele region in lovely Mzansi, Gogo Esther is the first artist to create such artwork so much that the unique Rolls-Royce has been named The Mahlangu Phantom.

The Mahlangu Phantom

The Gallery, found within the Phantom’s fascia and enclosed by a piece of glass, this is the space is adorned by the Ndebele artwork etched by Mahlangu. This space also allows patrons to commission and display personal pieces of art. It is the same space that makes The Mahlangu Phantom a unique piece of metal.

About Dr. Esther Mahlangu

Considered, in South Africa, as a national treasure, Dr. Mahlangu has devoted her life to sharing her cultural heritage through vibrant geometric abstract paintings and murals inspired by the Ndebele ethnic group. The 84-year-old is one of Africa’s most revered living artists and her works can be found in many important museums, corporate and private collections around the world.

The Mahlangu Phantom

With the goal of preserving her cultural heritage, Mahlangu founded an art school at her home in the Mpumalanga province where she mentors young artists in the traditional style of Ndebele design. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of ‘The Mahlangu Phantom’ will be donated to the school and will be used to support a retrospective exhibition that will narrate her fascinating life story and celebrate her invaluable contribution to contemporary African art.

In celebration of this unique commission, Rolls-Royce has produced an insightful film to showcase Esther Mahlangu’s work and cultural heritage.

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