Editor’s Week: Le Good(wood), Le Blue and Le Anniversaries

  Editor’s week


Monday 16 July, 2018

Vive le France. Congratulations to the French national team on the herculean task of lifting the FIFA World cup 2018. They are deserving winners. While still on France, some of the world’s media had converged in France on the weekend of wins to get their first taste of Ford’s all-new Focus. I have the confidence that it will be as fantastic as the Kuga. France’s neighbours, the UK, despite a sad exit out of the world cup at least had a roaring weekend.

2018 Goodwood showstopper – The Apollo Intensa Emozione from Germany

The Goodwood Festival of Speed took place this past weekend. Very much like our own Jaguar-sponsored Simola Hillclimb, the event attracts that country’s incurable Petrosexuals by the droves, the world’s best brands, activities, showcases and even stunts in conjunction with a race up a hill. We’ve covered a few of the happenings on the site like Terry Grant’s record shattering drive on two wheels and the winner of the coveted ‘Showstopper’ award.

Remember the Gumpert Apollo? Yep, it’s the same guys who created the Apollo Intensa Emozione
Tuesday 17 July, 2018

We kick off with a drive report of the Tiguan with GTI power – the 2.0 TFSI 4Motion. In these days of one hundred-and-one crossovers it can get challenging for OEMs to carve out a distinct flavour to set apart a product.

With the Tiguan, Volkswagen has come very close to offering a package with a tangible USP – looks and speed. Read about it.  We also report on Honda’s clever way of addressing range anxiety and long charge times for electric motorcycles. It’s a movable power pack, much like the petroleum gas tank business – where users simply arrive at an exchange point and get a fully recharged unit and continue on their journey. Now, if such an idea were to be applied to EVs it could probably accelerate the electric car revolution, don’t you think?

Wednesday 18 July, 2018

With August fast approaching it means the warm and hot seasons are just around the corner. This is traditionally convertible season. This thought has me convinced that we must put together an Open-Top Car Buying Guide for 2018. Yep, it’s going to happen, even if there seems to not be ample new varieties headed this way. But there is the BMW i8 Roadster and new Mini Cooper cabriolet to spur us on. It’s also the day that Audi announces that the TT is now a solid twenty-years old.

Driving the bride (lil sis) to her wedding in Audi TT which is twenty years old in 2018

My, how time flies. I recall with vivid clarity the beauty that was the first generation. As young motoring writer I’ve had the pleasure of driving both coupe and roadster(in 3.2 V6 form) but my heart was stolen by the hard-top. It was such a decadent design which has now become a collector’s item. In fact, I drove my sister to the her wedding in a first gen TT Roadster. Happy Anniversary TT. Today is also the birthday of Nelson Mandela and the second annivesary of the day we lost Gugu Zulu.

My last outing with Gugs at Killarney Raceway at the launch of the then new Honda Civic Type R
Thursday 19 July, 2018

The new sun rise brings with it an announcement from Renault that the Megane R.S. Trophy is ready and able. I’ve always been a huge fan of R.S. models, more so their true definition as race hatches.

The Cup chassis is a thing of wonder for those committed to abusing the corners of the world and the Trophy, now wielding a Golf R beating 220kW is tantalizing for me. It’s also #TBT so I’ve resurrected an article from 2017 featuring this BAD BOY Jeep Cherokee SRT. The plan is to honour TBT in this manner every week from here on. It’s one of the most enduring hashtags in the era of #


Old school is cool. For this week’s #TBT we return to the Jeep Cherokee SRT. Who doesn’t love this badass SUV?

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