Weekly Recap: Anniversaries, studios and a huggy bear of a Ford

Editor’s week

Monday July 9, 2018It’s the last Monday before we switch on that ‘Activate’ button. Preps for the re-launch are going as smoothly as the local auto industry. When I say smooth I mean just on one side. It’s been less than a week since fuel prices rocketed past R15-a-litre and many are feeling the ramifications of not just a high premium but perhaps, if I’m allowed to be a fun-spoiler and a little jack-ass, the choice of buying the wrong car (read SUV or anything with a fuel tank that’s above 55-litres) for the period. But we shall prevail. We are a resilient bunch. On the car side I’m hanging out with the current Kuga 2.0 TDCI in Titanium. Four more days to launch! Four more days to go to explain where we’ve been, what we’ve been up to and why.


Tuesday July 10, 2018

Four days left to D-Day and the world has a new vehicle brand in Pininfarina. For the better part of the last 100 years the Italian coachbuilder has shaped some iconic cars – including one of my all-time Ferraris, the Testarossa. We have one more topic to follow into the future then. https://www.petrosexual.africa/2018/07/10/behold-the-worlds-newest-car-brand-pininfarina/

The hidden new car concept from Pininfarina

Audi also announces another derivative of its superlative R8 V10 Plus while the Ford Kuga sees little action on this day. I must take it for a night drive. The Auto High-beam function was acting curiously over the weekend and, I’ve dispatched the query with Ford representatives. I’ll share more detail as the week rolls on.


Wednesday July 11, 2018

One day to #TBT and already there are numerous announcements. Audi reveals a limited edition R8 – 44 globally – and BMW and GWM make public an MOU they regarding the building of crucial electric car componentry, by GWM. Opel also reveal the Corsa GSI and before I even jump for joy, Lise Holloway of Opel SA announces that sadly they will not bring it to SA. But there is good news. The Goodwood Festival of speed will take place this week. If you can, stream the action. It’s a petrosexual haven and we will report on what took place the following week. It’s also my last evening with the Ford Kuga. I’ve been hugely impressed by this car and so did a few people who snuck in a peek. It just works.

So tantalizing – Corsa GSI


Thursday July 12, 2018

Bade farewell to the Kuga today and realized that unlike all cars fitted with the convenient ‘swipe-a-leg to open the rear hatch that I’ve had, the Ford opened on the first try. I kid you not. This is one of the most frustrating techs to get right out there. Then Porsche South Africa officially opens up the first Porsche Studio in Cape Town to increase engagement with potential clients in the middle of a tourist hub. Clever move Porsche. While still on the brand they also launched a new entry-level 911 a week prior – the Carrera T. Today is the eve of re-launching Petro and I’m quite excited and a little intimidated by what we want to achieve with the site this time around.


Friday July 13, 2018

The day is here. We pressed that ‘activate button’ and the site is now exposed to the world.  We are pushing on with brining exciting motoring news to you as we believe that hot cars fuel your passion for motoring at large. Despite our little re-launch the world never ceases to spin and Isuzu inform us that it’s celebrating 40 years of operation in this country. And there was Miss Money Penny – the bubbly and delightful character who plays office manager in Bond films. Seems the newest actress, Naomi Harris, was asked to open a new JLR venture high up in the Alps where visitors can visit the heritage between the brand and the James Bond franchise.  Anyhow, this is also the first weekly report and will be banging these out on a regular basis to give you a better glimpse into the automotive space, locally and globally.

Till next week


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